Slot Bonuses

If one wants to play slots, it should be done knowing that it is about taking on a game of luck. The payouts are random, but they can also be massive – life-changing payouts of millions of pounds are not unusual.

Players who are clever understand that playing slots demands staying in the game long enough to win and for doing that one can always accept a helping hand from an online casino. The online casino industry is very competitive and as such will provide new players with all sorts of bonuses to encourage them to play at their site. Following are some of the bonuses that can be enjoyed:

1. A No-Deposit Bonus
As the name suggests this type of bonus does not need any money to be deposited in the casino to play the game, rather the casino gives credit to the player as an incentive to get registered to them, and play the games with that credit. Though the games associated with a No-Deposit bonus are tough, they are playable and payouts can be won.

2. A Deposit Bonus
This is a bonus like no other and such an incentive is hard to find elsewhere. The money a player has gets doubled or triple by an amount that is some percentage of that he already has. The player can then play with this amount as many games as he likes and get pay outs as well. The only requirement for this is to get registered to the casino.

3. Free Spins
This is another amazing bonus type offered by many casinos. Free spins are not charged for and if someone is lucky enough, he might end up winning exciting winning amounts. This also lets the player get to know the various features that are built in a slot machine.

4. Free Play
Free play means a bonus that lets you play games for free, exciting as it sounds, the player does not have to pay for the games he plays for a certain period of time and win the credit in the end. This money can be taken home or used in playing further in the casino.

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