The Blaze meister is back and loving his undead life! Packing all the hell and fury of the original Hollywood Blockbuster, the Ghost Rider slot has quickly become one of my favourite slots to play for a number of reasons – most of which have to do with the kind of cash you can win!

With minimum bets of 1p and a huge maximum bet of £250, Ghost Rider is great for anyone in the slot scene. Newbies will enjoy not having to spend much per line, getting more bang for their buck, and experienced players will love the thrill of the potential payout of £100,000 from just one single line.

I love Marvel slots in general, especially since Playtech seems to put in lots of effort to remain true to the original vision, but they’ve gone the extra mile with the Ghost Rider slot. Packed with movie-realistic Amulets, Books of Spells, Crystals, Flaming Motorcycles, Iron Gloves and even Hellfire Chains, you’ll swear you’re right back watching the movie – with the added bonus of being able to win stacks of cash!

There are two bonus rounds on the Ghost Rider slot and I enjoyed playing both of them. When you spin a Flaming Motorcycle on the center of the reel, it rides off in the distance and the entire reel gets surrounded by Hellfire Chains. Get all 5 of the reels converted to this and you’ll take part in the bonus game, which involves you taking shots at ghosts as you ride your motorcycle in search of extra payouts. Super cool and a lot of fun.

The second is a free spins round which is great because you can earn all that extra cash without bothering to spend any of your own! Spin 3 Bonus Symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ll receive 10 free spins at a triple multiplier.

Of course, the real attraction for many is the Marvel progressive bonus, which links all the Marvel slot machines. Four progressive bonuses are up for grabs and with so many players playing all at once, you’ll find the pots build very quickly! It’s randomly triggered, so you’ll just have to be lucky to get into it… can I tempt you to try?

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