Play Ghost Rider Slot but don’t get Burned

Posted on December 08, 2013

play ghost rider slotFire is the main feature in the graphics of this slot machine and the flames can appear so life like that you may feel like you may get burned. When you play Ghost Rider slot, the exceptionally realistic graphics will probably impress you and as the game is based on the hero Ghost Rider, many of those graphics feature fire in one form or another. From his head changing into a flaming skull to his motorcycle, in flames, riding away, flames are almost continuously featured.

This superhero of Marvel comic and Hollywood fame is probably the ideal theme for a modern slot machine and contributes to when you play Ghost Rider Slot, having an exciting and dramatic experience.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Ghost Rider Slot though, it is not only about the excitement level, it is also about winning and so there are two bonus rounds available for you to reach. The first of the bonus rounds when you play Ghost Rider Slot is where his motorcycle speeds into the distance, dragging his flaming hellfire chains behind it. If one of these chains were to wrap itself around one or all of the reels, the symbols on those reels will be hanged into wilds.

Play Ghost Rider Slot and reach the second of the bonus rounds, you will have to assist Ghost Rider at some crash sites. Each site has several burning cars at it and you have to direct Ghost Rider to any that have survivors in them, you will of course be paid for each one of the crash victims that Ghost Rider is correctly directly guided to.

Marvel Comics
As Ghost Rider had featured in marvel comics, when you play Ghost Rider Slot you may be randomly awarded a Marvel Comic Progressive Jackpot round. This jackpot round that is randomly awarded is played to decide which of the 4 jackpots the player has won.

The randomly awarded jackpot round is the way in which the Marvel jackpots, which are paid into by all the Marvel comics are paid out.

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