History of Slots

Slots, the famous casino game, has an history that starts in 1887 when a slot machine was first developed by Charles Fey in the American state of California. Fey was a mechanic, he developed a three reeled slot machine which had five symbols on each reel. These symbols were the spades, the hearts, the diamonds, horseshoes and the conventional Liberty Bell. The liberty bell combination, if appeared n the reels was the most lucrative in terms of payout.

The demand for supplying the Liberty Bell from other states increased so much so that it was hard for Fey to keep up with meeting these demands.

Many variations to the original slot machine then started coming up, the five reeled modified version was introduced for the first tie by Sittman and Pitt in 1891. Their five reeled, 50 card face slot machine worked on various poker combinations to give a winning payout. This was the first slot machine of its kind.

In 1963, Bally manufacturers introduced Honey-Money to the market, which was the first fully automatic slot machine. It did not need any attendant to pay out over 500 coins as payout, it made waves in the slot machine industry.

The year 1976 witnessed another evolution in the development of slot machines, the video slots. The video slots became more famous than any other as they were based on more cheat proof technology and after their introduction to the casinos of Las Vegas; they never disappeared from the scene.

As technology advanced, developers of the game introduced more play lines to the slot machines, so as to increase the chances of winning for the players. The number of play lines was uplifted from 9 to over 50.in recent slot machines, the concept of play lines has disappeared and more modern ways, more than 243, that increase the chances of winning have replaced them.

Slot machines account for major portion of the games in the casinos not only in the space they occupy but also in the number of games. They are the most profit generating games of the casinos as well, and no doubt are significant for the owners of casinos. As slot machines are available online too, the number and variety of themes, bonus games and coin sizes has also increased and players can play which ever variety they want to opt for. The shifting of slot machines online has also released the trouble of space and increased their benefits all in all.

Software developers and game developers these days are expected to incorporate graphically intense movie based themes and increase the number and quality of bonus games associated with slots.

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