Ghost Rider Slot is a Fire-Filled Experience

Posted on January 07, 2014

play ghost rider slotThis slot machine features a lot of graphics that include flames and fire. The Ghost Rider slot is based on the fictional character Ghost Rider who after having appeared in Marvel comics was the subject of a couple of Hollywood movies. His popularity grew still further after the appearance of the Ghost Rider slot. As in all the stories of Ghost Rider, the Ghost Rider slot features a lot of flames, his bike flames as it speeds along and his so called hellfire chains are ablaze with flames. Probably the most dramatic piece of special effects is when Ghost Rider’s head changes from that of a normal human to that of a flaming skull of the Ghost Rider.

Bonus Rounds
As with the regular play of Ghost Rider slot, the two bonus rounds also feature fire in way or another. In the first of these bonus rounds, the Ghost Rider’s bike speeds away dragging the hellfire chains behind it. As it does the chains may loop around one or more of the reels of the slot and any reels that are caught up in the chains in this way have all their symbols turned to wilds.

In the second of the bonus rounds, which is triggered by getting three or more bonus symbols on the reels, you are awarded 10 free spins. As in regular play these reels are ablaze in flames as they spin and during this round, if the flaming reels stop on a winning combination, that win will pay triple the usual win.

As Ghost Rider appeared in Marvel comics it means that the Ghost Rider slot qualifies to join the other slot machines that were inspired by characters that have appeared in the comics to share in four progressive jackpots. These jackpots are won randomly on any of the Marvel slots through a special Marvel jackpots bonus round. This means that when you play Ghost Rider slot you could randomly be win one of these four very lucrative jackpots.

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