General Slot Features

Slot machines, the most active casino games in the last century or so, are the most easy to learn for any beginner. The most convenient to play and learn, the slots are also very effective in keeping the players interested in playing the game because of the diverse themes on which slots are based. The features of the slot machines are the same varying slightly from one machine to the other.

1. Wild Symbol
One of the most popular symbols is the wild symbol because this increases the chances of forming a winning combination by substituting for many of the other symbols on the slot machine. Generally, a wild symbol can replace all other symbols except the scatter and the bonus trigger.

2. Scatter Symbol
When a scatter symbol appears on the screen, you can claim a bonus without worrying about which paylines it falls on. The more scatters that appear at one time, the better the payouts. Sometimes the scatter is also linked to a bonus feature, and if you spin the requisite number of scatters then you can trigger the lucrative bonus feature. Check the paytable for more details about how to best use the scatter symbol.

3. Free Spin
It is another amazing feature of the slot machine by which a player gets free spins and an increased chance of winning a good payout. Usually there are particular symbol combinations to activate the free spins; usually a combination of scatters in three spins makes a player win a free spin.

4. Bonus Games
Bonus games are at the top of the player’s favorite list, owing this position to the truly handsome winning payouts and the tastefully developed bonus game software and graphics. Bonus games are won if a particular combination of some symbols or some bonus symbols are activated across the play line on the screen of the slot machine. Bonus games fully use the theme of the slot machine for which they have been developed.

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